WoodYouCare is a member of Eevery’s Ecosystem. This adds to the Ecosystem of transparent CO2 offsetting options with a clear and honest accessible offer: planting trees. Like Eevery, we are on a mission to combat climate change, by reforesting the planet, especially in second and third-world countries regions in Asia, Africa and South America.

Eevery clients are given a sustainability profile and are offered a variation of projects they can support, based on their goals. WoodYouCare offers that business or individual (a customer, family, sports team or group of friends) the possibility to plant trees in different regions worldwide, plus ‘The WoodTracker’ a tool that tracks the impact of planted trees.

How does offsetting work?

You can reduce and remove emissions at the same time. In order to make an impact, we need both. Emissions will not stop and if we have something to counterbalance this need not be a problem. It works better and faster if a company sets both goals to reduce emissions as well as compensate. You can have your cake and eat it all.

How does WoodYouCare ignite offset?

Our mission is to help companies and individuals to realise their sustainability and or offset goals with its giving back policy: Just one click away.

Trees are planted in Asia, Africa and South America as these regions have been hit hardest by climate change and the way people treat the planet. By collaborating with local NGOs, it helps to:

  • Improve biodiversity
  • Restrain land erosion
  • Recovers habitat for wild animals and plants
  • Increases local employment
  • Provides better care and education for local farmers and their families
  • As well as an important source of food for locals all around (animals and people).

We also work together to realize the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

And it does not stop offset for just one company or group, it can be gifted as a 100% sustainable corporate gift externally as well or set up an API or unique QR code with a personalized certificate.

WoodYouCare & Eevery

Eevery offers a solution around three themes: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Through the Eevery platform, SMEs gain insight, maintain an overview, and take action in the area of sustainability. With regard to CO2 emissions, Eevery offers the possibility to map the company’s footprint through its CO2 CalculatorThrough our partnership with Eevery, we can offer our current and future customers a place where they can gain insight and an overview of their ESG performance. By working with us, Eevery increases its own reach and thus our collective climate-positive impact!

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