Regreener is a member of Eevery’s Ecosystem, offering accessible and transparent carbon offsetting options. We are on a mission to combat climate change. Through our impact platform, we offer individuals and companies the opportunity to make a positive impact on the climate in an accessible and transparent way.

Through our platform, our customers can support various projects. For example, renewable energy, reforestation, or coral reef protection. Companies that support these projects through our platform receive a sustainability profile where they are enabled to set certain goals, and track the impact made so far and we enable them to communicate effectively about impact, for example through various sustainability tips.

Why offsetting?

To combat climate change, we need to do two things simultaneously: reduce emissions and remove them. We must also learn to live with an important fact; emissions will always exist. In theory, this is not a problem, as long as there are enough ways to offset these (residual) emissions properly.

Many companies are setting net zero goals and that is a great development. What companies less often realize is that reduction and compensation, hand in hand, is the only path to achieving net zero goals.

How does offsetting work at Regreener?

Regreener works with several project partners. We have specifically chosen not to undertake the projects ourselves to continue to offer a diverse range of projects and to be agile in the following: for every euro of support, generate as much Co2 impact as possible while taking the local population into account. We choose our project partners based on several criteria. Some important evaluation criteria are:

  1. CO2 impact of the project;
  2. Impact on biodiversity;
  3. Socio-economic impact of the project and;
  4. Data transparency.

Finally, we also try to be as transparent as possible ourselves. Every month we publish financial results on our website and every year our impact report comes online.

Regreener & Eevery

The market is subject to climate change and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep up with the speed of change around the climate issue. Besides climate change, social shifts in society and the labor market are playing a growing role in business operations. Legislation and regulations, especially around climate change, continue to evolve and try to move the market in a certain direction. The developments on all these themes create a field of tension and require entrepreneurs to stay informed about their own position, but also to take action in order to stay relevant in this very dynamic market.

Eevery offers a solution around three themes: Environment, Social and Governance. Through the Eevery platform, entrepreneurs focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises can gain insight, maintain an overview, and take action in the areas of Environment Social and Governance (ESG). In the area of Co2 emissions, Eevery offers the possibility to map the company footprint through their CO2 Calculator. Through the partnership with Eevery, we can offer our current and future customers a place where they can gain insight and an overview of their ESG performance. By working with Eevery, on the other hand, we can increase our own reach and thus our collective climate-positive impact!

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