We are looking to strengthen our rapidly growing teams in both London and Amsterdam.
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Become part of the sustainability improvement journey

We are a team of product specialists, developers, salespeople, marketeers and entrepreneurs united by a mission to help small businesses around the world become more sustainable and more socially responsible. Our colleagues are diverse and international but are proud to be based in our offices in London and Amsterdam, two cities that are playing a key role in the quest for a sustainable future.

We could see that even though 90% of businesses are SMEs it was large companies that were benefiting from innovation and support when it came to sustainability.

Our founding team has deep experience with (and respect for) small businesses and the entrepreneurs that build them. We could see these companies wanted to make a change, but often didn’t know where to start or how to make sense of the complex world of international frameworks. We created Eevery to help those SMEs make the change they wanted to see.

We believe our mission, vision and strategy define our company and give it a greater sense of direction and belonging.

Eevery's mission


To empower SMEs worldwide to improve their sustainability performance.

Eevery's Vision


To contribute to a sustainable future of business and make the world a better place.

Eevery's Strategy


To provide an intelligent, easy to use and relevant platform that helps SMEs to measure, improve and report their impact.





Our values express what we stand for and are core to our business. Together we create an inspiring, diverse and positive environment in which our team, partners and suppliers can further develop their talents and network.


We strive to do the right thing by openly and honestly practising what we preach. We keep ourselves and others around us accountable.


We support the continued improvement of our customers, colleagues and ourselves.


We respect and value everyone for who they are and welcome a wide range of opinions.

We have no vacancies at the moment.

But we are growing fast, so keep checking in!