We at Eevery are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable business practices. Hidde Kehrer, a seasoned professional in venture capital and operational management, joins us as a co-founder from December 1st, 2023. His role in steering our commercial strategy and sales is a crucial step in our mission to become the leading sustainability platform for SMEs in Europe and the UK.

About Hidde

Hidde’s impressive career includes pivotal roles at ASIF Ventures and as COO at Work X. His track record of developing and implementing successful business strategies, coupled with his achievements in driving growth and securing funding, make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Sophie Slinkert, our Co-founder, sees Hidde’s arrival as a timely and strategic enhancement. “With Hidde’s arrival, our core is complete. His experience in both VC and operational leadership at high-growth companies makes him the perfect addition to our team,” she comments.

Hidde brings not just experience, but also a shared vision for the future. “Europe, and the rest of the world, is on the brink of major changes. SMEs play a key role in this. Without this huge sector, sustainability as a society is almost impossible. With Eevery, we can support these entrepreneurs in the right way,” he shares.

With Hidde joining our team, Eevery is set to redefine the standards in SME sustainability. This new chapter promises to bring innovative approaches, enhanced strategies, and a deeper commitment to helping SMEs thrive sustainably.

About Eevery

Eevery is a fast-evolving startup dedicated to driving sustainability in the SME sector. Our platform, focused on intelligence and automation, assists businesses in measuring, improving, and communicating their sustainability initiatives. With a strong presence in the European and UK markets, Eevery is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for SMEs looking to embrace sustainable practices.