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A sustainability tool for small and medium businesses.
Measure your sustainability performance, access easy to implement improvements and generate sustainability reports for stakeholders.
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Step 1


It all starts with measuring. Developed specifically for small and medium sized businesses and calibrated to international standards, Eevery’s sustainability and ESG measurement tool identifies what’s material for your business and shows your performance and disclosure across each topic. It understands that sustainability is a journey and that many companies are just starting out

  • Performance shown per ESG category
  • Intelligent measurement tool
  • Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Aligned to EU Taxonomy and GRI
Measure your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs

After your Onboarding, you start your self-assessment, the Impact Scan, which measures your perceived impact. Complete a dynamic questionnaire based on your company’s size and sector and the location of customers, suppliers and subsidiaries. This should not take too long and will explore topics across the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) spectrum.

Eevery is calibrated to globally accepted standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the Rule of Law Index. These standards are understood and used by hundreds of thousands of organisations across the world.

Measure GRI ESG performance with Eevery
Measure UNSDG ESG performance with Eevery
Improve your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs

Step 2


Start your improvement journey. Based on your scoring, identify practical improvements that are relevant for your company. Access tools and guidance to implement them and start improving your performance.

  • Bespoke and relevant improvement plans
  • Tools and expert guidance
  • Regular educational content for management and employees

Access practical tools and tips which will help you to further improve your sustainability profile and enhance engagement with your stakeholders, both internal and external. Create awareness amongst employees and develop a joint commitment to positively change the sustainability profile of the business.
We provide educational content to share with your employees, management and boards to support you in this journey.

Your business can benefit straight away by making low cost and practical changes to improve your score and begin making a difference. Create and implement bespoke policies and processes to build a strong and sustainable foundation for your business.

Step 3


Communicate your performance. Export sustainability and ESG reports that capture both your baseline measure across the key variables and global standards and also your improvement program and progress over time.

Use the reports to demonstrate your commitment and progress to key stakeholders such as customers, employees, lenders, investors and the public.

We provide the option to share your output with all stakeholders based on internationally accepted standards such United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), the UN Global Compact Principles and the EU Taxonomy, used as common practice in the UK.


Communicate your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs
Measure ESG performance with Eevery


CO2 Calculator

Measure your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with our CO2 Calculator that quantifies greenhouse gas emissions for your company. Our CO2 Calculator uses activity data and is based on current emission factors, scientific publications, international statistics and internal empirically established values.

Our Calculator is an easy-to-use tool; enter a small amount of data and we provide you with not only your CO2 emissions, but also a breakdown of the emissions per business category and relevant, quantifiable KPIs. Use these results to create your CO2 reduction plan and set reduction targets.

Share your CO2 emissions results to demonstrate your commitment, raise awareness among your employees, plan effective measures for reduction and communicate your progress to key stakeholders.

  • CO2 KPIs
  • CO2 offsetting
  • Progress over time
  • Emissions per category (e.g. energy, mobility, consumption, materials and waste)

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