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Little to no resources and capacity

"I don't know how to become sustainable and I worry about the time and cost."


Impending laws and regulations

"Proactivity prevents high costs when governments have to take coercive measures. So think about it now and invest in sustainability."


Demonstrating commitment to stakeholders

"I would like to make my team aware of sustainability and show our commitment to our stakeholders."


Lack of knowledge and expertise

"I hear more and more about ESG, but I don't know what my company should be doing."




How does it work?

Measure, improve and communicate your sustainability

Step 1


It all starts with testing your sustainability. Objectively establish your starting point, based on globally accepted standards. Our scoring model has been developed specifically for SMEs.
We understand that sustainability is a journey and that many companies are just starting out. We, therefore, offer proactive guidance and support from a team of experts.

  • Customised assessment based on your sector, size and situation
  • Performance displayed per ESG category
  • Aligned with the EU Taxonomy, GRI, CSRD and latest laws and regulations
  • Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking

Step 2


Based on the baseline measurement, discover what your company can best focus on. We identify areas for improvement and concrete recommendations based on your score and situation. These are mostly cost-efficient and practical improvement suggestions that you can start working on immediately. This way, your company benefits immediately from an improved score and will make a difference. We also offer support and guidance to implement real change.

  • Bespoke and relevant improvement plans
  • Tools and expert guidance
  • Periodic, relevant educational content for management and employees

Step 3


Demonstrate of your sustainability progress with our reports. Export reports that capture both your baseline measurement for key variables and global standards, as well as your improvement programme and progress over time. Use these reports to demonstrate your commitment and progress to your stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

  • Sustainability performance based on internationally accepted standards
  • Easy to share sustainability, ESG and carbon reports
  • Show your commitment and differentiate your company


CO2 Calculator

Calculate your CO2 emissions and footprint with our CO2 Calculator within 30 to 60 minutes. Next, draw up a CO2 reduction plan. Our tool calculates and quantifies your company's CO2 emissions using activity data , the latest emission factors, scientific publications, international statistics and internal empirically determined values.
Our tool is user-friendly, informative and widely applicable. It calculates not only your CO2 emissions, but also a breakdown of emissions by business category and relevant, quantifiable KPIs. Use these results to create your CO2 reduction plan and set reduction targets. In this way, save time and money when future-proofing your business.

  • CO2 KPIs
  • Progress over time
  • Emissions by category (e.g. energy, mobility, consumption, materials and waste)


CO2 Offsetting

Although CO2 reduction is the goal, we understand if this is not immediately achievable. With our CO2 Offsetting tool, you can easily offset the remaining part of your footprint. Set your CO2 offset target and select which project your company wants to contribute to. Choose how many tonnes of CO2 you want to offset and align this with your reduction strategy. Then view your company's total impact based on the contribution made, including an audit-proof certificate from the credit register. In this way, demonstrate your commitment and progress to your stakeholders.

  • ¬†Selection of carefully assessed climate initiatives, such as new carbon removal technologies
  • Full insight into your offsets and what concrete impact you are making
  • No intermediaries so >85% of the value goes directly to climate initiatives
  • Issue of audit-proof certificates from the credit registry

Customer stories

Eevery in practice

Hooke Highways – Paving the Way for Sustainable Business Growth

Hooke Highways, a prominent traffic management service provider in the South of England, has been on a commendable journey since its establishment in 2012. Over the past 11 years, the company has witnessed steady growth, boasting a turnover of eight million pounds. Their commitment to sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has been evident…

DeJong Cheese

DeJong Cheese, based in Alphen on the Belgian border, is a real family business that has been making soft and matured (goat) cheeses of high quality according to a traditional recipe since 1995. With two brands, DeJong’s Cheese and Alphenaer, the company serves various markets, both nationally and internationally. Their dedication to quality is underlined…

RGV Hotel Services B.V.

RGV Hotel Services B.V. is a cleaning company specialised in providing complete cleaning services to hotels in the Amsterdam area. They provide support to the entire back end of the hotel, including room staff, public area attendants, housemen and spa attendants. RGV Hotel Services takes over the entire Housekeeping department of the hotel, including Management…

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