The sustainability improvement platform for small and medium businesses

Measure, improve and report on your sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, governance) performance. Start improving now, create more value for your company, employees and customers and contribute to the sustainable future of business and the planet.

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Eevery is the ESG improvement platform for small and medium businesses

How it works

Eevery is a user friendly, time and cost efficient sustainability improvement platform specifically designed for small and medium businesses. It helps you understand your sustainability baseline, improve and report your sustainability and ESG score.

Step 1


Get started with your Impact Scan, a dynamic questionnaire on all the important information about your business. It only takes about 1 hour to fill in all the details and get your Sustainability Assessment.


Measure your ESG performance with Eevery
Improve your ESG performance with Eevery

Step 2


Based on the questionnaire, the platform will calculate your current performance on each of the three categories of ESG and will come up with tailored improvements on the spot. Download, adjust and implement practical advice all under the same cost.


Step 3


Export your sustainability reports across the key variables and global standards as well as your improvement program and progress over time. Use the reports to demonstrate your commitment and progress to key stakeholders such as customers, employees, lenders, investors and the public.

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Report your ESG performance with Eevery


In our customers' words...


As a small, ambitious company, you want to get started with ESG, but you don't know exactly how to start or where the opportunities lie. The Eevery platform helps you gain insight into this.

Joey Verwey and Jasper Griepsma
Daily Creations

The Eevery platform enables us to recognise where we can improve our impact environmentally and socially as a business, which aligns totally with our values and commitment to making a difference to the lives of others within the community.

Charmaine Vincent
Baltimore Consulting Limited

Grow sustainably and be part of the solution

There are over 400 million small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs) globally. Together they represent 90% of all companies and 50% of employment. At the same time, SMEs are responsible for more than 50% of business CO2 emissions in the United Kingdom. The collective actions of individual SMEs can make an enormous contribution to people and planet.

Win more business

Provide your customers with the detail they need to confirm your sustainability performance using globally accepted standards. Demonstrate your commitment to the principles of ESG and ongoing improvement. Win more business and on better terms.

Attract and retain the best employees

Manage and communicate your scoring, plans and policies to all your employees. Provide them with information and educational content and allow them to be part of your success. Attract and retain the best talent by being ahead of the curve.

Get funded on better terms

Banks and investors now factor ESG into their decision making. Access a broader range of funding options, and on better terms, by providing detail and transparency on your ESG performance.

Enhance the value of your business for all its stakeholders

Managing and improving your sustainability performance creates a lasting competitive advantage that creates real value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.

Make the world a
better place

Measure the real effects of your company’s activities so that you can optimise your impact on people, the environment and society. Together, SMEs can make a positive global change.


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