The sustainability improvement platform for SMEs

Measure, improve and communicate your sustainability and CO2 emissions without affecting your daily operations. We not only suggest improvements, but also help implement them; ESG by an SME for SMEs!

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Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs

How it works

Eevery is a sustainability platform (sustainability along three pillars; environment, social and governance) specifically for SMEs. The platform is user-friendly, cost-efficient and practical. Corporate social responsibility has never been so easy.

Step 1


It all starts with measuring and becoming aware of your company's sustainability. We understand that sustainability is a journey and that SMEs are just starting out. Therefore, start with your baseline measurement. Communicate this directly, providing concrete answers to any questions and showing your commitment.


Measure your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs
Improve your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs

Step 2


What makes us unique is the Improvement Centre. That is because we help you to become more sustainable by making cost-efficient and practical changes. As a result, you will benefit from an improved score and be one step ahead of the rest.


Step 3


Export reports on, for example, your baseline measurement, your improvement programme and your results over time. In this way, communicate your progress to stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, lenders and the public. This will subsequently create a commercial advantage.

Communicate your ESG with Eevery; the sustainability improvement platform for SMEs
Report your ESG performance with Eevery


CO2 Calculator

Our Calculator is an easy-to-use tool; enter a small amount of data and we provide you with not only your CO2 emissions, but also a breakdown of the emissions per business category and relevant, quantifiable KPIs. Use these results to create your CO2 reduction plan and set reduction targets.

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In our customers' words...


As a small, ambitious company, you want to get started with ESG, but you don't know exactly how to start or where the opportunities lie. The Eevery platform helps you gain insight into this.

Joey Verwey and Jasper Griepsma
Co-founders & Owners

Daily Creations

The Eevery platform has played an important part in helping us understand the impact we are having and how we can become more sustainable across a range of topics. In particular it will help us demonstrate our environmental and social credentials to potential clients and other key stakeholders as Business Growth Advisors for SMEs

Stephan Renals
Relationship Director
Elephants Child

The Eevery platform enables us to recognise where we can improve our impact environmentally and socially as a business, which aligns totally with our values and commitment to making a difference to the lives of others within the community.

Charmaine Vincent
Owner & CEO
Baltimore Consulting Limited

When we received a concrete question from one of our customers about what we were doing in the field of sustainability and ESG, we signed up with Eevery. Eevery gave us the tools and support to give a concrete answer to the customer in a short time. Within one week we had gone through the whole process!

Evert van Oosterum
Owner & CEO
Van Oosterum Leder

Grow sustainably and be part of the solution

There are over 400 million small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs) globally. Together they represent 90% of all companies and 50% of employment. At the same time, SMEs are responsible for more than 50% of business CO2 emissions in the United Kingdom. The collective actions of individual SMEs can make an enormous contribution to people and planet.

Direct value added

With the platform's initial baseline measurement and reporting, you immediately demonstrate your commitment to sustainable business practices. You can incorporate this into your internal and external communications.

Attract and retain the best employees

Manage and communicate your scoring, plans and policies to all your employees. Provide them with information and educational content and allow them to be part of your success. Attract and retain the best talent by being ahead of the curve.

Get funded on better terms

Banks and investors now factor ESG into their decision making. Access a broader range of funding options, and on better terms, by providing detail and transparency on your ESG performance.

Enhance the value of your business for all its stakeholders

Managing and improving your sustainability performance creates a lasting competitive advantage that creates real value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.

Make the world a
better place

Measure the real effects of your company’s activities so that you can optimise your impact on people, the environment and society. Together, SMEs can make a positive global change.


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Ready for action? Let us help you start your sustainability journey.

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