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How does it work?

Measure, improve and communicate your sustainability


Where do I stand?


Do a baseline measurement of your company's sustainability. Establish your starting point objectively based on globally accepted standards (e.g., GRI, CSRD, SDGs, EU Taxonomy).




Why Eevery?

Become part of the solution

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Why SMEs?

SMEs are the backbone of the economy

Small and medium-sized businesses cannot be forgotten or ignored when it comes to sustainability. Many small steps have a tremendous impact.


Direct value added

Instantly demonstrate your commitment to sustainable business practices. Incorporate this easily into your internal and external communications.


Attract and retain the best talent

64% of millennials will not accept a job with a company that is not socially responsible. Make your employees part of your success.


Get funded on better terms

85% of banks and investors incorporate sustainability into their decision-making. Get access to a wider range of financing options on better terms.


Enhance the value of your business for all its stakeholders

For 50% of enterprises, purchasing depends on the sustainability of suppliers. 61% of consumers want to pay more for sustainable services and products. Stay one step ahead of the rest.


Make the world a better place

SMEs can create a positive change. Be part of this change.




Sustainability 101

Sustainability, ESG and CO2

Introducing Eevery’s CO2 Offsetting Tool: A Transparent Way to Make Real Impact

In today’s rapidly changing climate landscape, sustainability is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. While the ultimate goal is to reduce CO2 emissions, there are always some emissions that can’t be eliminated. That’s where offsetting comes in. For SMEs, the need to adopt sustainable practices is not just about being environmentally responsible; it’s about ensuring…

ESRS, IFRS, and GRI Untangled: Navigating the Jungle of Sustainability Reporting

Recently, the European Commission adopted the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). This clarifies the information that companies falling under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will have to provide. This is an important step towards transparency and accountability in the field of sustainability. With the new ESRS, you, as an entrepreneur, might feel overwhelmed by…

Transparency with carbon credits: why you should think carefully before you offset

Did you know that the global market for carbon credits was worth more than $2 billion in 2021? Despite this impressive figure, recent revelations have raised questions about the reliability of this market. In this article, we delve deeper into this issue. What are Carbon Credits and Why Are They So Important? Carbon credits are…